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A Market Model that makes you go, “hmmm”
A Market Model that makes you go, “hmmm”

Mar 23, 2018Steven Doherty Comments (0)

If there was a way of identifying which stores were likely to give you more business, you would want to know, wouldn’t you? In this article, I will be giving you access to a functioning market model that does exactly that but, more about this later. Read More

How to change your Sales Strategy from, "it is, what it is" to "what should I expect"
How to change your Sales Strategy from, "it is, what it is" to "what should I expect"

Mar 07, 2018Steven Doherty Comments (0)

For those involved in the supply or retail of Consumer Goods, there is an abundance of Primary and Secondary data sources. An often made point from our clients is, surely these sources are good enough to make judgement calls on how to prioritise customers and to focus marketing? Read More

Category Reviews with Insight

Feb 26, 2018Steven Doherty Comments (0)

In the FMCG world, a large amount of time and effort already goes into the production of a Category Review. However, if it’s not delivering insights that will grow the buyer’s business then your message is not cutting through. Read More

The Targeted use of Sales and Marketing Rescources

Feb 01, 2018Steven Doherty Comments (0)

For FMCG companies’ investment in Marketing, Trade Marketing and Field Sales is a significant expense. It’s not unrealistic, that this spend should be scrutinised and adjusted, especially in times where volume and value increases are barely above background inflation rates. In this environment it's not difficult to understand why companies are opting to cut back on these elements to maintain an acceptable EBITA performance. Yet, these companies are all to aware that the Sales and Marketing elements being reduced are the foundations for the company and by reducing these functions they place their business growth at further risk. Read More