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Do you have a BI Strategy?


Too often, I see Business Intelligence implementations fail to maximise their value. This is possibly due to an excessive focus on technical aspects, administration, or security. Although they are not unimportant considerations, the following questions need an answer first.

1. Why are you doing it (implementing a BI system)? And;

2. What value will you get from it (BI)?

If the answers to the questions are elusive, you may be at risk of not realising a return on the investment or effort.

Our mantra is “strategy first”, but, in this case, there’s a good reason. Aligning your BI initiative with a Business Strategy provides a priority, direction, outcome and support.

At Market Grunt, we have a unique combination of business management experience and BI Technical skills. Contact us, If you need advice on where to start, what direction and an outcome.

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