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Business Strategy


Power BI Report Development, Data Story Telling, Data Led Strategy

Report System


 We go to considerable effort to ensure we produce a Power BI Report System for you. What's the difference between a Power BI Report and Power BI Report System? It's all about the flow of the data story through menu's, help and features.

Sample Population Clustering Report System using Australian Bureau of Statistics data and commentary from Microsoft Teams Lists.


 All businesses have data but, are you getting the insight you need from all that information. Our experience in reporting extends to Sales, CRM, Retail and Finance Reporting.  Examples of our reporting capabilities are shown below.

Sample Sales Report from an Odata source demonstrating use of Pareto, Variance, Distribution and Sales Decomposition Analysis

 A Sample Retail Report using a SQL data source demonstrating
Basket and Customer Analysis

A sample of a Category Review Report using Excel as a data source demonstrating Overview, Retailer and Item Comparison plus Promotional Analysis

Power BI Report Development


Market Grunt’s capabilities include the ability to integrate your data with external sources to support decision making. For retailers, we map current and future populations to evaluate business opportunities and competition by location, for suppliers we evaluate current retail sites and their ability to service their target markets. The result is better resource allocation, greater focus, and a better sense of priority culminating in better business strategy.

This is a Sample Supermarkets Strategy Model. The Strategic view demonstrates the use of population, demographics and competition to determine a store groups behaviour. At the same time, the Tactical view analyses areas of business potential based upon selectable characteristics of population, growth, demographics and competition.

Data Led Strategy
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